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Volunteer with Cincinnnati Ultimate

| World Ultimate Club Championships

July 14th - 21st, 2018
All Volunteers for WUCC2018 can expect:
- Complimentary admission to WUCC events and games for the days you are working
- WUCC2018 volunteer uniform and gift
- All meals, snacks and beverages at the venue for the times you are working
- Training and direction for the work you are to be performing
- Transportation to/from the venue if you are staying at an official WUCC hotel or next to one of the WUCC bus stops.
- Admission to the WUCC Party at the Beach Water Park on Friday, July 20 from 8pm-1am

What WUCC2018 Organizing Committee requires of volunteers:
- You need to get yourself to Cincinnati/Warren County
- You are responsible for your housing in the area
- Be available to work at least 16 hours during the week of competition
- All volunteers will be provided score/timekeeper training and must pass a knowledge check before any volunteer activity.
- Each volunteer will need to sign an Event Participation Agreement/Waiver prior to volunteering (instructions later)
Overall Schedule:
Pre-Saturday July 14 - Facility and Tournament Setup
Saturday July 14 - Captains Meetings, Opening Ceremony, Opening Game
Sun-Fri Jul 15 - 20 - Round Robin Games Through Semi-Finals
Saturday July 21 - Finals, Medal Ceremony, Closing Ceremony
You DO NOT need a password. Only very few jobs are password protected. ONLY IF you have been given a password by one of the WUCC leads or directors, enter it below to see those password-protected jobs.
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